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100cc Carbon Cub SS ARF QB

Carbon Cub SS ARF-QB Quick Build

Aeroworks is proud to add the Carbon Cub SS to their line of QUICK BUILD Series Aircraft
Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.

Aeroworks has Raised the Bar
The QB Series is top quality in both design and performance that will set a new standard for ARF aircraft.

The 100cc Carbon Cub SS was designed from the ground up to provide a True to Scale, Highly Pre Fabricated, High Quality and Moderately priced Scale model. Designed after the full scale Carbon Cub SS manufactured by Cub Crafters the Aeroworks Carbon Cub SS model is fully aerobatic and sets a new standard for Cubs. The model features Large Full Length Ailerons with Split Flaps and has a higher power to weight ratio then the typical Cub. Scale lines and fully enclosed engine only adds to the mystique of this beautiful model.

The new Aeroworks Carbon Cub SS is modeled after the full scale Carbon Cub made by Cub Crafters. The full scale is breaking records in short take off and landing competitions as well as providing a great performing light sport plane for full scale pilots. The 168" wing span version from Aeroworks is no different, this is not your grandfathers J3 Cub! The Carbon Cub not only provides spirited sport performance, it is also highly aerobatic, performing Knife Edge Circles, Flat Spins, Knife Edge Loops, Torque Rolls, Point Rolls, and many other maneuvers typically reserved for "common aerobatic" planes.


Wing span 168 inches.
Wing Area 3864
Fuse Length 104" (Rudder to Front of Cowl)
Fuse Length 110" (Rudder to Front of Spinner)
Weight 38 to 40 lbs
Cowl Width 13.5"
Rudder Height with Tail Wheel 24.75"
Engine 100cc to 120cc Gas
Spinner Size 4.5”
Radio 6 Channels minimum


Strong Light Weight Construction
Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
Adjustable pushrods with centering nut
Professionally covered in ULTRACOTE™
Pre-Hinged Ailerons, Flaps and Elevator from factory (Ready to Fly) No gluing
Pocket Style Scale Hinging
Optional Scale Custom Dash Panel With Decal Set
Optional Scale Rubber Tires with Aluminum Hubs
Scale Tail Wheel Assembly with Rubber Tire and Aluminum Hub
Working Door and Windows
Two Piece Wing
Carbon Wing Tube
Collapsible Wing Struts
Two Piece Removable Stabs
Adjustable Stab Incidence for Banner and Glider Towing
Pre Mounted Fiberglass Cowl with Scale Carbon Fiber Inlay
Functional Scale Landing Gear
Canister Ready
Engine Mounting Spacers and Mounting Block
Custom Throw Meter Included
Extra Ultracote covering provided for small repairs
Optional Custom Decal Set
15 to 20 Hours assembly Time

Download Manual

Download Addendum_10-13-11

Slide Show

Download Review (R/CSportFlyer Magazine)

New - Flying Video

New - Flying Video Joe Nall 2010 – Pilot Jason Noll

New Flight Video – Compliments Mitchell Cherry

New – Full Scale Introduction Video

Available in Two Color Schemes:

Blue/White – On Order
Red/White – On Order

Sale Price (Plus $250.00 Shipping Within USA)
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